Grinding wheel from square metal band 30 mm wide

Grinding wheel 300x30x20 metal is the latest generation designed by TECNODIAMANT. The grinding wheel 300x30x20 metal has achieved significant success in terms of yield, material removal and finishing.

This grinding wheel in a first moment arises to facilitate heavy removal of material. In fact, it is produced in coarse grains to be installed on the top positions of squaring and demonstrates from the outset huge capacity to remove material. Is improved also in the other grits to be installed in all other positions

High yield:
We have seen an exponential increase in yield compared to the standard wheels on the market, sometimes even equal to three times higher than the latter. With the advantage of reducing the costs per square meter and greatly decrease downtime machine for exchange grinding wheel.

Instant start:
The singular surface honeycomb specially designed by our engineers, allows an immediate cutting tool instead of the common grinding wheels that need more time in order to revive and work properly.

available in all grits, super thick, coarse, medium and fine.

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