Product lines

Surface Calibration

The calibration process allows the reduction to a single tile thickness obtaining a flat surface.


The profiling process makes it possible to derive different profiles from the ceramic to skirting boards, stair steps and work surfaces.


Dry squaring tools without using water and wet squaring to remove excess material from the edge of the tiles.


For the production of mosaic or to obtain exact dimensions from slabs or larger tiles. Dry cutting and wet cutting tools


  • Anular rollers
  • Helocoidal rollers
  • Satellite tools
  • Electrolytic grinding wheels
  • Lamellar grinding wheels
  • Metal grinding wheels
  • Bevel Resin Wheels
  • Grinding wheel
  • Metal grinding wheels
  • Resin bonded
  • Bevel Resin Wheels
  • Grinding wheel from square metal
  • Metal grinding wheels
  • Resin bonded grinding wheels
  • Squaring eco wheel

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