Who we are

Tecno Diamant – Industrial Diamonds is a leading manufacturer and distributor of diamond tools for porcelain tile, single-fired, natural stone, marble and granite.

Established in 1995 and based in Formigine, it has been chosen by prestigious ceramic companies as a partner in Cutting, Grinding, Chamfering, Squaring and Lapping operations.

We specialize in the production and sale of “tailor-made” tools, able to anticipate market needs and respond exactly to the Customer’s request, prioritizing the aspect related to health and well-being while respecting the environment and the whole society.

We believe strongly in research, technology and innovation, which are also the characteristics that represent us.

Made in Italy ideas and guarantees

TECNO DIAMANT, today counts at its a staff of 60 people who, united by ideas and values, every day engage in the production and worldwide distribution of diamond tools for the ceramic and natural stone industry.

We offer our customers innovation and guarantee with products that are inimitable in their originality and effectiveness, strictly Made in Italy.

In fact, within the company, attention to detail is combined with the ability to understand the customer’s needs in an organized structure with a constantly evolving research laboratory that can respond promptly to the development of ceramic technology.

Our locations

The Company’s worldwide expansion is the result of extensive research, design and creation of cutting, grinding, honing, chamfering, squaring, calibrating and lapping tools designed according to Customers’ specific usage needs.

All of our tools are in demand all over the world, which has enabled us to expand to Brazil, Spain, Poland, Russia, China and Turkey.

Prestige and Quality

Commitment and determination of a team still make a difference. And our team is united by our passion and desire to achieve ambitious results in the design and production of ceramic tools, increasing the workforce and strengthening the research and development department.

Health and Safety

To produce a diamond tool safely requires years of research and experimentation, and we, thanks to our professionals in the company, are able to achieve great goals while supporting even the most demanding experts who are the customers.

Code of Ethics – Minutes C.D.A. – Extract M.O.G.

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