TECNO DIAMANT, now has a staff to its 59 people, united by shared ideas and values, every day engage in producing and distributing worldwide diamond tools for the ceramic industry and natural stone.

Innovation, as well as being a distinctive feature of the company, is the guarantee that TECNO DIAMANT offers its customers, represented by inimitable products in their originality and effectiveness, Made in Italy.

Within the company, the attention to the details combines with the ability to understand the client’s needs in an organized structure with a research laboratory in constant evolution, able to respond quickly to the development of ceramic technology.

The expansion of the company around the world is the result of a long process of research, design and creation of tools for cutting, grinding and grading, designed according to the specific application needs of our Customers.



Behind every diamond tool produced by TECNO DIAMANT there are years of research and experimentation, conducted by professionals within the company accompanied by experts, most demanding: our Customers.

TECNO DIAMANT creates tools “ad hoc”, able to anticipate the needs of the market, and respond exactly to the customer’s request, focusing on the aspect of the health of the user.

Firstly, making tools silenced lowering considerably the decibel (dB) generated by them during processing, making the noise impact more tolerable by the users; for both discs for both grinding wheels, also, TECNO DIAMANT has produced ecological tools, without Copper, Cobalt and Nickel greatly reducing environmental pollution;

The risk assessment in the workplace, attention to the acoustic impact on the investment and care for the health of the operators is a daily commitment aimed at safeguarding the true protagonists of the business growth of TECNO DIAMANT: people.