Tecno Diamant, also in Spain a guarantee for over 20 years
Italian quality exported from Formigine to Castellón

Having been based in Formigine (MO) and operational in the manufacture of diamond tools for stoneware and natural stone for almost 30 years, for Tecno Diamant the ties forged with its local area are an important part of its identity. These strong roots, however, have not prevented the business from looking beyond its national borders and over time – and through its six offices located in strategic areas around the world – it has carved a niche for itself as the ideal partner for prestigious ceramic companies from all over the world.

Of these foreign sites, the oldest is the Spanish branch, which was opened in 1999 (just four years after the Formigine branch) in Almazora, in the province of Castellón. With With 400 m2 and six employees to its name site. This sales branch relies on the parent company for production and mainly targets the Spanish ceramics market, focusing in particular on the squaring stage with the Mixta grinding wheel (a high-ranking product among the most popular on the market).

A significant role is also played, at present, by the new line of Fickert abrasive tools, which are valuable assets in slab and tile finishing operations that are used to change surface layers and deliver exceptional levels of gloss and brightness. The ductility of the Fickert tools, which the company presented for the first time at Tecna 2022, undoubtedly add to the appeal of these products, which are enjoying great success in Spain too as ideal for lapping processes for any kind of surface. They were created in the new plant in Spezzano di Fiorano (MO), which is a hotbed of innovation and cutting-edge technologies produced entirely in-house and the result of the company’s proven experience and its dedication to research and development for outstanding products.

Through its Iberian branch, Tecno Diamant can guarantee customers a fast, personalised response, as well as a level of pre- and post-sales service that is only possible because of its permanent presence in Spain. Attention and expertise established over time make Tecno Diamant a go-to name for the diamond tools market and a key player in international markets too.