PRESS RELEASE – September 2022

Formigine-based company stars at international trade fair on technologies and supplies for the surface industry

Tecno Diamant, a leader in the world of diamond tools for ceramic and stone processing, is one of the undisputed protagonists at Tecna 2022, the leading trade show for the mechano-ceramics industry held at Rimini Centro Expo from Sept. 27-30.

At the Hall B3-Stand 036, in a Large and renovated exhibition space of no less than 150 square meters, the Formigine-based company presented to the public its range of diamond, resinoid and Fickert abrasive tools 100% made in Italy: on display, several cutting-edge solutions from the 1800 square meter factory in Formigine (MO) and from the new research&development laboratoryTecno Diamant Lab“, located in Spezzano (MO) and upgraded in recent years to offer only the best in ceramic processing technologies.

In this segment of excellence stands one of the innovations presented precisely at Tecna 2022, the new segmented grinding wheel , made entirely by the company with a binder designed especially for large and harder than normal formats, and designed to work with high performance in the first grinding positions. This is a cutting-edge solution that responds to market dynamics that also work with new clay mixtures and push overwhelmingly toward large slabs for use ranging from architecture to furniture. In addition, the very physiognomy of the new segmented grinding wheel allows for abrupt cooling of the motor through internally created air flows that facilitate the machine’s work and provide energy savings of about 40 percent compared to conventional models.

A choice toward sustainability that interprets the industrial style of Tecno Diamant, responding to the new dynamics dictated by the industrial revolution 4.0, where energy and material savings become key elements to increase production performance and to respond with first-class solutions to market needs.

Technological avant-garde, then, but also internationalization: at the expo, Tecno Diamant attracted a large and diverse audience, who came to Rimini from all over the world; in particular, the company’s foreign salespeople met with buyers from countries such as Spain, Mexico Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and the U.S.. It is no coincidence that for nearly 30 years Tecno Diamant has continued to grow and expand in the ceramic industry, fueling an increasingly international outlook that has led the company to open its sixth foreign branch in its history, this time in Turkey, in the important commercial province of Izmir.

An all-around success is the Tecna 2022 experience for Tecno Diamant, which knows how to stand out for its innovative offerings and a reception worthy of the greatest occasions, designed down to the smallest detail to offer the Best possible visitor experience, as evidenced by the live cooking service designed to touch the hearts and tastes of the guests in attendance.