On the eve of the important Rimini event, Tecno Diamant confirms its propensity for international growth with the opening of its sixth foreign branch in Turkey

Tecno Diamant, a leader in the field of diamond tools for working ceramic and stone, will be among the protagonists at Tecna 2022 (in Rimini, Sept. 27-30), where it will present its range of tools, resinoids and Fickert abrasives 100% made in Italy. These are state-of-the-art solutions, achieved through the expansion of the research&development and abrasive products production laboratory at the “Tecno Diamant Lab” in Spezzano (MO) and the 1,800-square-meter plant in Formigine (MO), which includes the new headquarters of offices and logistics warehouse.

Tecna 2022 will also be a showcase to highlight Tecno Diamant’s achievements in Industry 4.0, interconnection and eco-sustainability, which have been achieved through intensive R&D conducted in the laboratory of the new Formigine plant and focused on energy and material savings.

The results achieved reward the company, which has continued to grow and expand since 1995, becoming a partner of choice for the ceramic industry worldwide. Merit also goes to acareful internationalization policy, with the opening of filials in Brazil, Spain, Poland, Russia and China, which guarantee speed and efficiency in service, spare parts and customer care. The five long-running foreign offices were recently joined by the New sales subsidiary in Turkey, a market that has grown exponentially in recent years and in which Tecno Diamant Turkey, located in the province of Izmir, will ensure prompt delivery supplies and qualified technical assistance to both local producers and those in neighboring countries.

Info: www.tecnaexpo.com