From kindergarten to high school, attachment to the local area comes through education and sports

Tecno Diamant, a Formigine-based company that is a world leader in the production and distribution of diamond tools, confirms its focus on the local area and education by sponsoring three motor education projects proposed by the Municipality of Formigine and carried out in collaboration with the Italian Sports Center for the 2023/2024 school year as well. The routes, which will take place within Formigine schools, are called “Play School,” “#Sportanchio” and “Fairy Tales in Motion.” This is a way not only to enhance the area, but also to give voice to a social commitment that is thus embodied in the support of three exciting initiatives that aim to spread healthy lifestyles to younger people.

Specifically, “Fairy Tales in Motion” is a project designed to spread the importance of play-motor activities through training courses for preschool teachers and operators. The goal is to promote educational pathways for young children, accompanying them through storytelling and fairy tales to learn about their bodies, work in groups and stimulate their creativity.

“Play School” is a path aimed at elementary school and 5-year-old sections of preschools that aims to enhance school motor education through collaboration with local Sports Associations.

Finally, “#Sportanchio” is a motor education project dedicated to middle school students with disabilities that aims to involve everyone from classmates and teachers to sports physicians to tailor physical activity to different disabilities. To create, in essence, paths suitable for everyone that allow movement on the same plane; driven by the realization that “together” is the best way to do anything. This project was officially presented yesterday, Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the Fiori Middle School in Formigine in the presence of the municipal administration and CSI technicians.

Sports Too,” said route manager Giorgia Forghieri on the occasion of the day. – is a project that involves meetings dedicated to motor activity that are conducted with our teachers who specialize in activities for children with disabilities. The project has been going on for many years now between Formigine, Magreta and Casinalbo, takes place during school hours and involves inclusive motor activity. It is very important not only for pupils with disabilities, but also for fellow pupils who help them understand how crucial their contribution is. A big thank you goes to the Municipality of Formigine, the Fiori school and sponsor Tecno Diamant, who make it possible for the initiative to take place.”

Thanks to the company also come from Simona Sarracino, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Formigine with responsibility for school and educational policies: “Tecno Diamant’s partnership with our local schools is a tangible example of how collaboration between the public and private sectors can result in virtuous operations that create direct benefits in the community. In this specific case, the contribution takes on even greater significance because it also conveys the values of sports. Indeed, motor activity not only promotes a healthy lifestyle among our students, but also teaches important values such as fair play, determination and teamwork. Moreover, this collaboration demonstrates Tecno Diamant’s commitment to the education and future of our students: training young minds is a long-term investment in the growth of society, and we are grateful for your support.”

Mauro Serradimigni of Tecno Diamant concludes: For our company, supporting #Sportanch’io represents a true investment in the future that covers both individual participants and society as a whole; contributing to the creation of an environment in which every individual has the opportunity to excel, regardless of the challenges they might face. In a world that wants us to be standardized, diversity is a strength, and projects like this are proof that it is possible to transform it into a place where every voice is unique and special, every dream is encouraged, and every talent is valuable. Thank you to the technicians and leaders of the provincial committee of the Italian Sports Center and the Municipality of Formigine for organizing in the schools this course that they are honored to support. Thank you to the teachers who are passionate about educating these children, thank you to their parents for supporting their children, and thank you, of course, to these young students who are an inspiration to us all.”

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